FTR Camp 2017 – I’m a Girlguide get me outta Here!

This years fantastic FTR camp was themed around ‘I’m a girl guide get me outta here! ‘ We enjoyed a wide and varied array of activities over the weekend, including archery, back woods cooking, dance workshop and bumps.

Saturday night saw THE best campfire I’ve ever had privelidge to be part of ! Every group was involved and eager to bring new songs into the mix and the energy round the campfire was amazing !

Sunday started off nice and relaxed with crafts, the afternoon however was a stark contrast. it quickly became clear that the battle lines had been drawn, with team Fred v’s team Bert in the team warfare obstacle race!  Custard and jelly was flying all around, the sun shone and silverdale was filled with the shrieks and laughter of the girls, as they fought for stars along an obstacle course that would make bear ghrylls himself sick ! it was a very close race, team Bert won by a handful of points but somehow the winning team ended up covered in more gunge than the losers !  After the mass clean up operation , the camp settled down to a wonderful summers evening b.b.q, followed by s’mores, camp entertainment and then the annual FTR fancy dress cheesy disco into the night!  A fantastic weekend was enjoyed by all and we eagerly await the next instalment- FTR 2018- beach party !