Q. Can we have a camp fire? Can we cook on an open fire?

A. Yes! Please use the campfire circle for camp fires. Hike fires must only be lit on stone on the ground around the campfire circle.

Fires must not be lit on the camping field unless contained in one of our altar fires (heavy duty iron fire grates on legs) using the altar fires on the camping field is permitted when cooking on wood .

Please be aware where you place an altar fire and be wary of adjacent tents/trees etc).


All fires must be extinguished before bed.

Please do not light any fire until you have a metal fire bucket of water ready in case of emergency.

After your fire, the communal woodpile should be replenished on leaving. Any fallen wood in Eaves Wood (next to site) can be brought back to campsite. Make absolutely sure that logs and larger pieces of wood are well doused and out before returning to woodpile.

Ash must be swept from any altar fires /campfire circle into a metal fire bucket and deposited into the long grass along the hedgerows, up in the area surrounding the campfire circle. Again, please check ash is well doused and completely out before dispersing into the long grass” Alter fires should be swept and returned to side of pepperpot hut. All wood not burnt should be returned to wood pile when cooled down and completely out. Don’t forget campfire area should be swept and left clean and tidy.

Q. Do you have a set of campsite rules?

A. We do. Please take a look at our SITE INFORMATION July 2024.

Q. Does the site have WiF?

A. Yes

What do we need to bring?

If camping on pepperpot/silver birch:
You will need:
Toilet rolls, bin bags, hand wash, hand towels, small carrier bags for the bins in the loos.
Washing up liquid /cloths / tea towels.
If your planning a campfire or cooking on a wood fire don’t forget your matches/firelighters.
Utensils – scissors,tongs,tin opener,cutlery,knives etc….

If camping on Helen’s field:
All that is provided is a tap.
An Elsan portable toilet waste disposal area is situated on Helen’s field if you wish to bring along a portable toilet.

What if we want the campsite all to ourselves for our group?

You can pay a surcharge and book the whole campsite for your group…..
Please see this page for further information – Booking the Whole Site