General Site and Services Information


The electric is now unmetered, a fee will be added to your booking by our treasurer for your stay. If electric fails please check the trip switches in the Trip Box located next to the entrance door of each hut.


This will be checked with you on arrival and departure ( if not self checking in). Please familiarise yourselves with where the equipment is stored. Refer to photos on wall.

There is a fridge/freezer in each hut. This will be switched on when you arrive.

Please make sure that this is switched off, emptied and cleaned before departure.

Please leave both doors open on the Fridge/ Freezer.


The hut keys will be given to you on arrival for main door, washroom and toilets.  These are on a Wooden Keyfob.

There is  an additional key fob located inside the hut, these are on a bright key fob and hung on a hook on the noticeboard.  Please use these when going off site on your vist, so they can be easily located if dropped.

If both sides of the camp hut are in use, we ask that the person(s) in charge of the camps liaise with each other for use of showers and drying room. A separate set of keys are required for these.


We have a septic tank for drainage. We are not on a main drains. Please only put toilet paper down the toilets.

Flushing toilets through the night can be noisy and unless necessary need not be flushed. SILVER SAPLING mantra for use of toilet paper is: TWO FOR A WEE AND FOUR FOR A POO. Please advise the campers to use sparingly.

Please DO NOT dispose of sanitary pads, tampons or panty liners. Use bins provided which should be lined at start of camp. The bins must be emptied and cleaned at the end of your stay.

Please be aware at all times that no water is wasted. Running taps is costly. i.e. don’t leave running tap whilst cleaning teeth… Please use sparingly. Check washrooms regularly to make sure that taps are not left on.

Field taps are push button and buckets/containers should be underneath whilst water is coming out.  Please do not use for brushing teeth or filling personal water bottles.  The tap has a timed limit and cannot be stopped once started. 

Please report any leaks or blockages to one of the emergency contacts.  If this is not an emergency, please inform the person checking you out of any problems.

Stop taps are in the small cupboard located under the front of Silver Birch.


The gas boiler will be switched on when you arrive.  This will enable warm/hot water to be accessible through washroom hot taps and will provide warm/hot water in the showers and outside sinks.


Please make sure that your rubbish is sorted so that as much as possible can be recycled.  There are two green boxes on each site for disposing of glass, plastic, tins, paper and cardboard.  See the notices in huts on noticeboards.

The Council refuse bins are in the area near the main gate.

Recyclying Bin

Instructions on bin ask us NOT TO BAG any waste in this bin except shredded paper.  The items to put in here include:

Tins / Cans (to be rinsed out and flattened) Cardboard (flattened), Papers of any kind.

No Glass – please keep separate in green bins, if possible please take home and recycle in your own bins, however these can be taken to recycling centre for you, if a request to guider booking in or out is agreeable. Leave green bin by other bins by gate (entrance) to field.

General Rubbish  Bin

All other rubbish should be bagged for this bin and lid closed.

Please make sure that your camp does a ‘litter sweep’ of the field to pick up any litter off the field.

Please ensure that this is done thoroughly as we have sheep grazing the field when not in use and some rubbish could harm wildlife as well.


There is a separate folder detailing the equipment and safety rules.

If you have booked this equipment please inform guider booking you in so that the hut keys can be handed to you for the duration of your camp.

Any damages and breakages must be logged and given to the checking out guider.

Some of the equipment –

Plus lots of others…


We have neighbours near the site and sound does travel. We ask that any music played is turned off by 10pm.

We also ask that the site is a quiet site from 11pm to 7am.


We sell camp site badges which are in the boiler/drying room – the guider checking you in will show you where.  There is a petty cash box and is left for you to manage on a trust basis.

Mugs and Tote bags are also available.

We do have a limited edition print of the site painted by local artist Chas Jacobs also available to purchase, please ask our committee if you would like to purchase one of these.


Please always follow the country code. 

DO NOT CLIMB OVER THE WALLS surrounding the campsite.  They are drystone and are very old.  There is a top wire (barbed) and could be dangerous if climbing over the wall is tried.

We advise that gates are closed to the campsite at all times especially during the night.

Access into Eaves Wood is either out of the main gate and up into Eaves Wood through the Car Park. There is also an access gate at the top of our site located just to the right of Pepperpot Hut. Please do not use the gate located half way down the Silver Birch site. This is not a footpath.


There is a communal woodpile for the use all sites located opposite the huts.

If you are using wood to cook with then please make sure that you replenish the woodpile before you leave, or on a daily basis to make sure that all camps have enough. 

The National Trust does give us fallen branches and wood from coppicing this wood will be placed on our site for you to use. Please do not collect  any wood from Eaves Wood it is a SSI site and is home to species and protected flora and fauna.

Altar fires are provided for your cooking fires. Do not light fires on the grass or at the back of the hut and make sure  these are well away from the hut and tents.  Make sure that buckets of water are available by the fire.  Metal buckets are available in the hut.

If you wish to have a campfire away from the camping field there is an area behind the huts and up the hill where there is a raised firebase.  The fire should be put out before leaving that area and certainly before going to bed.  Again a bucket of water should be taken to this area when having a fire. 

Please clean and tidy this area before end of camp.  Ash/charcoal should be completely dowsed and no embers left burning.  Empty ash collected in  metal bucket in the long grass behind the campfire near the wall.  Note – tin foil does not burn and should be binned.

Metal buckets available in the huts.